Who we are

Countless companies and organisations count on our technological solutions, high-quality IT services, and qualified professionals every day. We’re proud of that! That’s why we do everything we can to ensure that we live up to our promise and maintain our clients' trust at all times. We do this by combining profound understanding of IT with many years’ experience with industry-specific processes in the public sector, the supply chain, and the financial sector. This unique combination sets us apart from the rest.

We focus everything we do around four pillars: optimising processes, IT outsourcing and management, business process outsourcing, and staffing. Together with our customers, we develop effective, fit-for-purpose solutions that help them realise their objectives. After all, their success is our success.

Our approach

Connect: At Centric we connect professionals, partners and clients.
Engage: Once connected, they can share their talents, knowledge and ideas.
Succeed: This collaboration produces innovative pragmatic solutions that help our clients and staff achieve their goals.

Centric’s figures

Centric is an organisation of 4300 professionals and with an EBIT of 12 million euros on sales of 482 million euros. Centric operates in Belgium, Germany, France, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland. In the Netherlands alone, Centric serves over 3500 clients with more than 200 software solutions. Millions of users get their work done every day using Centric solutions. You can read more about Centric in our annual report.

our annual report

People are what it’s all about

People are at the heart of our company and our people make Centric the success it is today. This is why we invest in personal guidance, development opportunities, and vitality programmes for our staff and do everything we can to give them a work environment that allows them to flourish and continually work on their personal development. Centric people are not afraid to stray from the beaten path and are fully engaged in their work. They deliver on their promises and take responsibility for what they do.

Investing in something you believe in

In 1992, Centric founder and owner Gerard Sanderink laid the foundation for what would, in the decades to follow, grow into one of the most successful business service providers in the Netherlands. Gerard is a single-minded Dutch entrepreneur hailing from the Twente region who aspires to make a substantial contribution to society with his companies. Centric is a non-listed company, and we invest at our own expense and risk in products and services we believe in.

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CSR: sustainability is for the long term

In running our business, we naturally take our relationship with the environment, the local community, our people, and society as a whole into account. That is why we are working on reducing our carbon footprint, being an inclusive employer, and making our vehicle fleet and our products and services more sustainable. In other words, we live our corporate social responsibility (CSR).

More about our CSR

Where would we be without technology?

How technology improves our lives is not something you think about every day. Technology has gradually become invaluable to us as citizens, employees, patients, and consumers, actually in almost all aspects of our lives. Innovation helps us to evolve, but it is always people who make the difference.

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