Omnichannel Retail Suite

Retail Technology

Optimising processes

We no longer shop exclusively in-store or exclusively online. We want the best of both worlds – personal interaction with the power of data-driven service. Customers expect excellent service, well-informed staff, and a smooth checkout process. The Omnichannel Retail Suite gives your staff exactly the information they need to provide just this.

The ultimate customer experience, online and in-store

Exceed your customers’ expectations by accessing and interpreting data at the right place and the right time so that it can be used to present a relevant offer, both online and in-store. By seamlessly connecting online and offline touchpoints, you can enhance customer experience and increase conversion significantly.

Benefit from real-time product and stock information and discover new cross-selling opportunities while turning customers into brand ambassadors by offering them promotions and loyalty programmes across all channels. Omnichannel Retail Suite erases the distinction between channels so that you can offer your customers perfect service, in the shop and online, right up to the front door.

Aligning the digital channels with brick-and-mortar stores blends online and offline shopping to create a single shopping experience. The payment landscape is changing drastically too, with new methods of payment and a focus on having either the fastest checkout or the best possible service. Omnichannel Retail Suite supports both.

“With this solution we are better positioned to implement our retail strategy. We always have up-to-date and unambiguous data at head office and in the stores, enabling us to make the right decisions faster.”

Martijn van der Hoeven Format Manager, Spar
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Why use Omnichannel Retail Suite?

Real-time connections

Connect online and offline touchpoints across all sales channels, both with each other and with your central back office.

Service & Checkout

Up-to-date product and stock information, good customer advice, and a smooth checkout experience.

Reward loyalty

Retain customers with a sophisticated centralised promotions engine with loyalty options.

Integrates with all ERP systems

Omnichannel Retail Suite is compatible with the most popular ERP systems and operating systems. Work without barriers.

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