Custom software

Standard packages are designed for the “average user”. But do you recognise yourself in this description, or do you perhaps have needs and requirements that are less “standard”? If so, you may want to consider a custom solution, or perhaps something in between. But what do you choose for a given situation? And what are the options?

Custom software

Custom software for a 100% match with business processes

The only flexibility in standard solutions is deciding how to configure the available functionality: the rest is generally already set. The implication is that the business process must adapt to the possibilities offered by the software. Customisation, on the other hand, is completely focused on your organisation and supports your processes one hundred percent. Moreover, customisation is so flexible that it is always ready for the next business challenge, whether that be technical or operations related.

Although Centric also designs solutions that are fully customised or use a “low code development platform”, the vast majority of solutions use one or more standard components in combination with customised solutions. The reason is that, otherwise, we would not have the flexibility to, together with our clients, really think outside the box. In addition, we save on licensing costs for low-code development platforms.


“I was particularly impressed by how Centric immersed itself in the matter. They proactively considered ways to tailor the platform more precisely to our practices.”

Marian de Jong-Mesch Star-SHL

The benefits of custom software

100% match

Customisation means a 100% match with your business processes. Because custom solutions are completely organisation-specific, you only pay for the features and functions you require.

Get started quickly

Because Centric can leverage a rich source of reusable functionalities, tooling, and architecture and software building blocks, we can often get started quickly.

Unlimited possibilities

Without customisation, your ambition remains just that. With customised software, the possibilities to set your organisation apart from the competition are basically boundless.