Transport & Logistics

Casa manages complex DC with Locus WMS

IT for smart supply chain processes and cost savings

Transport & Logistics is strongly affected by economic and geopolitical developments as well as by the trends in digitalisation. In this sector, you are constantly looking for ways to adjust and optimise your processes. We’d be happy to help. For years, leading logistics service providers have been relying on our industry knowledge, innovative solutions, and flexible services.

One single IT partner for transport & logistics

From WMS and TMS to solutions for paperless operations, we provide technology that prepares you as a supply-chain partner for the future. What’s also nice is that we have everything under one roof, so you only need one partner. And Centric is a DALTI partner too, meaning we strive to simplify the IT infrastructure in the transport & logistics sector by coordinating our efforts.

Reasons for digitalisation

Supply chain alignment

Exchanging information electronically gives you insight into the entire transport process and increases the level of service you offer.

Real-time insights

You can be sure of an efficient and reliable process when the data is processed in real time.

Low administration costs

A single electronic reality ensures that fewer mistakes are made while freeing employees to spend time on other work.

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