IT Professionals

If you need specialist IT knowledge, from individual professionals to entire multidisciplinary teams, Centric sees to it. Our skilled, enthusiastic, socially adept professionals will be happy to help you with matters relating to IT infrastructures, software development, testing, and security.

We offer clients various options, ranging from flexible staff to complete multidisciplinary teams. If you are looking to outsource your IT and optimise it at the same time, we’d be happy to help you with that as well. And we do it all using an attractive, transparent cost model.

We can offer you support in the following specialist areas:

  • Office 365 and cloud migrations
  • Technical support and management
  • Software development
  • Implementation processes
  • Data centre migrations
  • Data science and BI

Infrastructure professionals

Our infrastructure professionals provide expert, fast, diligent assistance in the area of hardware and software infrastructures, the cloud, consultancy, system management, connectivity, technical application management, help desk services, and on-site support.

Software professionals

When you need support for analysis/design, Microsoft projects, Java issues, BI, or project management, you can call on our software professionals.

Test professionals

Centric test professionals are certified and have extensive knowledge of integration, test automation, continuous delivery and much more.

Vanderlande over de samenwerking met Centric

“When working with external professionals, it is especially important that the quality of the people is high. What’s more, Centric knows better than anyone which innovations are relevant.”

René van Sandijk CIO, Vanderlande

Multidisciplinary teams

If you need to have several disciplines covered, we offer complete teams with all the expertise you need to achieve your project objective. Whether you need development, testing, management & maintenance, implementation & training, or something else, we have it covered. And in delivering this expertise, we work with every technology and methodology imaginable.

Why choose IT professionals from Staffing Services?

Added value

Whether you just need some specialist knowledge or want to outsource your entire IT, Centric would be happy to help. We provide experts at various levels and with the latest certificates.

One stop shop

If you are at the start of a complex development process, we can support you with a multidisciplinary team assembled specifically for your project, with people who can deliver all the expertise you need to ensure your project succeeds. And in delivering this expertise, we work with every technology and methodology imaginable.

Regionally engaged

Our Staffing activities in the Netherlands are divided over regions. As a result, we are on top of all technological developments and market trends, while we also “speak the language” of our customers.

Want to find out more?

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