Cloud journey

The switch to the cloud offers your organization numerous advantages, such as easy upscaling and downscaling, low maintenance and pay-per-use. Take advantage of the benefits of the cloud and create added value with a fitting cloud journey.

Cloud journey

Journey to digital transformation

Because every organization has its own IT landscape, the transition (or cloud journey) is unique for every organization. By using cloud intelligently, we accelerate the digital transformation of organizations. This way, your organization can quickly respond to trends and developments in the market and we ensure a focus on your core business, customers and innovation.

Cloud as a business enabler

Working optimally

With cloud, users can work safely and easily, anywhere and anytime. Perform tasks efficiently and effortlessly and let the latest technology work for you.

Continuous innovation

Increase the agility of your organization with a fast and flexible release of the latest innovations. This enables you to respond promptly to the latest market developments.

Grip on IT landscape

Together we build an IT environment that is safe and compliant, with a solid cloud architecture and optimal protection of your valuable data. With a grip on your IT environment, you guarantee the continuity of your organization.

The ideal cloud journey

How do you ensure that the cloud really adds value to your organization? Centric will help you make a smart, efficient, and responsible transition. Together we will shape the cloud journey that suits your organization. We do this by providing services in the various steps of the ideal cloud journey. Whether you are at the start of the journey, in the middle of the cloud transition, or have already migrated completely, we will join you on the journey to your digital transformation.

You remain in control

With the Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) that we set up together, we direct and support your cloud transition. In this community, we will jointly shape the structure, working methods and roadmap. This enables you to make optimal use of the opportunities and possibilities of the cloud, while continuing to control the risks and costs.