Centric helps companies and governments accelerate their digital transformation. With our knowledge of different markets, software, and technology, we create value for Dutch society.

This requires a governance structure that allows us to respond quickly and flexibly to market developments, fits Centric's position in Dutch society and safeguards the continuity of our services.

Governance model and shareholder structure

In November 2022, the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal appointed Peter Wakkie as executive director (CEO) at Centric. In addition to Wakkie, the Enterprise Chamber appointed Willem Meijer as non-executive director and chairman of the board of directors with a casting vote.

The Enterprise Chamber also announced that all the shares in Centric Holding held by Sanderink Investments will come under the management of lawyer Marcel Evers.

Other board members are Pieter Schoehuijs, non-executive director, Freddie Veltmaat (CTO), Peter van Dongen (CFO a.i.), Debby de Gelder (CPO), Tim Klinkert (CLO) and Peter Mous (COO).

Together they manage Centric, with day-to-day management in the hands of the executives and the management team, and the non-executives on the board fulfilling a supervisory responsibility.

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