Centric helps companies and governments accelerate their digital transformation. With our knowledge of different markets, software and technology, we create value for Dutch society. And our employees, board and shareholder are proud of that.

Our shareholder supports us in this strategy, which is why in the coming years we will invest in the development of our employees, new technologies and innovative services in order to remain the right partner for companies and governments.

This calls for a governance structure that enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to market developments, fits in with Centric's position in Dutch society, and safeguards the continuity of our services.

Governance model

At Centric, we use the one-tier governance model. This means that the supervisors are part of the board. This is because we believe in the involvement of supervisors who are close to the organizational policy.

Peter Wakkie and Willem Meijer have been appointed CEO and non-executive director and chairman, respectively. They will lead Centric for the foreseeable future. Other boardmembers are: Freddie Veltmaat (CTO), Peter van Dongen (CFO a.i.), Debby de Gelder (CPO) and Peter Mous (COO).

Together they run Centric, with day-to-day management being in the hands of the executives and the management team and the non-executives on the board having supervisory responsibilities.

Shareholder structure

Centric's activities come together in Centric Holding B.V, whose shares are held by Sanderink Investments B.V.

The role of the shareholder (Sanderink Investments B.V.) is laid down in Centric's articles of association. Among other things, the shareholder has the right to information and may introduce items on the agenda and vote in the shareholders' meeting.

The shares of Sanderink Investments B.V. are in turn held by Stichting Administratiekantoor Sanderink Investments B.V., also known as STAK. The board of the STAK currently consists of one person, Mr Sanderink, and he is also the sole certificate holder.

The director of the STAK has recorded who the successor directors will be in the event of the resignation of the current director in a notarial deed. The basic principle is that the designated persons have the knowledge, management experience and expertise appropriate to the challenges at that time. In this way both the continuity of the companies and the quality of the board will be guaranteed.

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