Centric WMS

For optimum logistics operations

Do you want to increase the capacity of your warehouse and manage and optimise your goods flows? Whatever your sector or the size of your company, with Centric WMS, you can take your logistics performance to the next level.

For optimum logistics operations

WMS management software for your warehouse

Centric WMS is an effective, task-driven solution to managing all your resources. The system calculates priorities based on the right Service Level Agreements, and ensures optimum deployment of space and resources, such as employees and equipment. This makes processes more effective and efficient and allows you to achieve higher throughput and stock reliability, while reducing dock-to-stock time. This makes it easy to respond to the continuous growth in the market.

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Six questions to consider

If your warehouse is approaching its logistics limits, you can purchase a different ERP system (with a stock module) or migrate to a WMS. Discover the six questions you must ask to make the right decision.

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Warehouse mechanisation

Controlling your mechanised systems using a WMS? Here’s how it’s done!

Centric WMS manages all forms of goods receipt, storage and dispatch in your distribution centres, including if you decide to mechanise.

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Find out everything there is to know about optimising your warehouse using Centric WMS

Digitalisation is rapidly changing logistics. As a warehouse, your lead times are getting shorter, while volumes and complexity keep growing. Thankfully, Centric WMS can provide every company with a suitable WMS solution, regardless of size, sector or warehouse type. We offer two different scalable packages: In&Out WMS and Locus WMS.

What our customers say about us

“Centric is a great sparring partner. They not only look at the issue at hand, they also proactively consider our current and future needs.”

Bart Douwen Operations Manager, CASA
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“In&Out WMS lets you keep the processes in your warehouse manageable, even in the most exceptional circumstances.”

Peter van der Velde Supply Chain Manager, Ploeger Logistics
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“We were looking for a user-friendly, data-driven WMS that allowed us to set up customer processes ourselves.”

Martin Knol CFO at Simon Loos
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Why Centric WMS?

Continuous optimisation

Centric WMS supports all the most common processes carried out in warehouse logistics. We continuously add new features, so you always work with the latest technology.


Mechanisation and robotisation can be centrally controlled by coordinating all hardware components and IT systems.

Direct control

The system assigns the right tasks to the right employee at the right time.

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