Plan&Go TMS

Just-in-time requirements, rising operational costs, an increasing demand for qualitative data: developments in the transport sector are moving very fast indeed. How do you ensure that, despite all these changes, you can transport goods efficiently? With communication, that’s how! After all, you can only step in and make adjustments if you know what’s going on.

Plan&Go TMS

To ensure optimal logistics operations, you have to be able to respond promptly to exceptional situations and unforeseen events. In other words, you need to be able to manage by exception. Centric’s Plan&Go TMS helps you do just that.

Plan & Go TMS is an excellent solution for medium-sized transport companies. Not only is the system reliable and chaos tolerant, it sets itself apart from other automation solutions by its full integration of all logistics, financial and administrative functions.

Parameter settings make Plan & Go TMS suitable for different transport flows, from transport and delivery of less than container loads (groupage) to full truck loads (FTL), or a combination of these. What’s more, you can use the solution for both your national and international transport services.

“Plan&Go TMS fits in well with our high-quality logistics processes. Moreover, Centric has an excellent track record in the field of transport management systems.”

Willem van de Kamp CFO, Huisman International B.V.

Why opt for Plan&Go TMS?

Efficient and targeted

The system gives you automated control of your logistics processes, delivering cost savings and optimum service.


You are assured that you are fully prepared for standardised data exchange with on-board computers and order management systems.


Thanks to the system’s modular design, when your business grows or requirements change adding features couldn’t be easier. And if you need to increase or decrease your user group, that’s no problem either with Plan&Go TMS.