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Doing business starts with getting to know each other. In the Centric Trust Center you will therefore find relevant information about our approach to important themes such as privacy, information security and corporate social responsibility. In short, about what we do to optimally protect our products, working methods and services to customers.

Information security


Protecting information is an essential part of our business operations and customer service. Good information security is the basis of our reliability as a supplier, partner and employer and is a prerequisite for long-term cooperation with stakeholders. How do we safeguard information security within our organization?

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Privacy icoon

At Centric, we see the protection of personal data as an important part of our business operations and services. By personal data we mean: all information with which a person can be identified. The starting point for protecting personal data is to comply with the European GDPR legislation.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is at the core of our organization. For example, Centric takes people, the environment and society into account with our products, services and business operations. Based on our CSR policy, we work on inclusive employment, CO2 reduction and making our products and services more sustainable, in order to improve our own environmental performance and that of our customers.

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Roel Wijnands

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Roel Wijnands, Corporate Information Security Officer (CISO) at Centric

Contact Roel Wijnands for more information at roel.wijnands@centric.eu or +31 6 15 95 74 48.