IT outsourcing and management

Outsourcing IT management, infrastructure and support

It’s becoming increasingly common for organisations to outsource their IT. The main reason for this is digitalisation, because while digitalisation offers many opportunities, as an organisation you have to keep up with the latest IT developments to be able to seize these opportunities. This costs time, money and energy, the very things you would rather invest in your core business.

Outsource all or part of it

With Centric, you outsource all or part of your IT management, infrastructure and/or support. We offer a range of standard services for this – flexible and scalable services that ensure that you no longer have to worry about IT. Everything is taken care of down to the last detail for your staff and, because it all happens “in the cloud”, security concerns and hassles with updates become a thing of the past.

The right solution for outsourcing

Whatever your IT environment looks like, we can offer you the right solution. And if you need support on site, at night or at the weekend, Centric is available 24/7 (and we speak English too of course).