Managed Services for Retail

Modern technology offers consumers a truly distinctive shopping experience. The other side of the coin is that retailers are increasingly dependent on IT, and so its availability is crucial as well. How can you be sure that your IT environment will perform optimally at all times, every single day? Our Managed Services for Retail can give you that assurance. This frees you to do what you as a retailer do best: offer your customers the best possible service.

Managed Services for Retail

More distinctive shopping experience for less

Outsourcing your store automation to Centric means focusing on what really matters, while, in the background, we ensure the highest possible availability of your retail technology. Your shop needs to be open and operating to make sales. Store innovations are implemented faster, the customer experience is enhanced, and total cost of ownership decreases. Also nice to know: you have just one point of contact for your entire store automation.

“The decisive factor for us was that Centric was demonstrably able to roll out stores at the fast rate we needed.”

Bruno Echevin, IT Infrastructure Director, Levi Strauss Europe

Why opt for Managed Services for Retail?

A store that “works” without fail

We ensure the highest availability of your retail technology.

Service and support with fast response times

Our retail experts and drop-off/pick-up locations are always close by and provide good advice, thanks to years of practical experience.

Remote service

Lower management costs by preventing issues from arising and resolving them faster if they do.

Single point of contact for your expansion

You can enjoy carefree growth in Europe, with direct help in your own language and support from our partner network.

Want to find out more?

Berlina van der Molen, Account Manager

For more information, send an email to, or call +31 182 34 50 00.