Financial Professionals

In light of developments like spending cuts, changes in the law or regulations, or digitalisation, for example, you are looking to ensure that your business processes and finances are in the best possible shape. Centric’s financial consultants give you insight into your business operations and help you implement process optimisations.

Consultants who offer you insight

With Financial Professionals, you bring in dedicated consultants who can provide you with the right management information to keep you in control of your business and project performance. In concrete terms, not only do we provide insight into the figures and results, we proactively join your thought process on how best to achieve your business objectives.

Centric has over twenty years’ experience with data analysis and the design of registration and financial systems and financial dashboards. We have also been working for years with proven financial applications like Key2Belastingen (for taxes) and Key2Financien (for finances). By combining our knowledge of technology and finance with a pragmatic and customer-driven approach, we quickly provide insight into promising areas for optimisations and cost savings.

Why opt for our Financial Professionals?

Business, IT and finance

You get insight into and advice on optimisations aimed at your processes specifically.

Long term

With Centric you enter into a long-term partnership. Together we will achieve your business objectives.

Local public sector

You’ll be doing business with an established partner to local public sector bodies.

Want to find out more?

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