‘Centric is always there for us’

Heijmans, active in the field of real estate, housing, utilities and infrastructure, carries out many large and small projects on an annual basis. Several large projects have their own website. Heijmans has been using Centric's Managed Webhosting since 2019 to host those sites.

With Managed Web hosting, Heijmans gains insight and control over their websites. Heijmans' web design partners work closely with Centric in the Centric hosting environment: the Managed Web hosting platform. We asked Mariëlle Beset-Kroon (IT professional at Heijmans) and Rob Wintermans (portfolio manager at Heijmans) about their experiences with Centric.

Why have you placed the web hosting with Centric?

Mariëlle: “We used to work with many different hosting parties, which meant we had little control over security. By placing the hosting with one party, we can make better agreements about this. Security was the most important reason for us.”

Rob: “We prefer to work with one party that centralises and organises the tasks, rather than with several separate parties that we have to manage. Moreover - and that was a nice extra - with Managed Webhosting we could make a big step when it comes to compliance.”

“By placing the hosting with one party, we can make better agreements about security.”

Mariëlle Beset-Kroon IT-professional at Heijmans

Why did you choose Centric?

Rob: “We issued an RFP and let four parties register for it. After answering that RFP, two parties dropped out. We then held sessions with the remaining organisations about, among other things, the design and approach of the services, the environments and the contracts. Centric emerged as our partner. Incidentally, we have been working with Centric with satisfaction for some time. Centric also manages our SharePoint environment. Of course, that experience also plays a role in the choice.”

Are you satisfied with the collaboration between Centric and Heijmans?

Mariëlle: “Yes, the collaboration is going very well. We have a lot of contact with the management team and whatever is going on, they are there for us, even outside office hours. We recently faced two incidents and they resolved them quickly and efficiently.”

Rob: “With Managed Webhosting, Centric has a well-designed service that is run professionally and is approached pragmatically. And that's what we were looking for.”

If you look at the project approach, how does Centric score?

Rob: “When we started this project at the end of 2018, we did it on the basis of a well thought-out plan. Look, of course we came from a very fragmented world and did business with different parties. You cannot then have everything land on a fully managed platform at once: there are a number of steps in between. The platform has to be scaled, you have to determine which websites will be transferred, how secure they are, what code is underneath ... We have therefore performed quite a few scans - really every website was scanned for possible issues. Thanks to this good preparation, we went live almost without incident.”

Do you recommend Centric when it comes to web hosting?

Rob: “Absolutely! We have now been using Centric's platform and services for a year and a half and we experience the collaboration as professional. The contact between Centric and our external developers is also good. In the beginning this took some getting used to, because the roles of the parties involved changed, but that has also found its way.”

“Thanks to the good preparation, we went live almost without incident.”

Rob Wintermans Portfolio manager at Heijmans

How do you see the collaboration between Heijmans and Centric in the future?

Rob: “As is clear, we are very satisfied. If the service provision remains as it is now, we hope to continue working with Centric in this area for a long time to come.”

Mariëlle: “We are indeed very satisfied at the moment and would like to keep this going. If you look at our old situation, we have taken a good step forward.”

About Heijmans

Everyone wants clean air, living in a nice neighbourhood, working in a good workplace and traveling safely from A to B. By improving, making it more sustainable and making things smarter, Heijmans creates that healthy living environment.

Jan Heijmans started as a road worker in 1923. Heijmans is now a listed company that combines activities in real estate, construction & technology and infrastructure. In doing so, they work safely and add value to the places where the company operates. In this way Heijmans is building the contours of tomorrow together with its clients. More information about Heijmans can be found here.

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