Our board

We strongly believe in empowering our employees. That’s why we give them the freedom to do their work as they see fit and take their own decisions. This is why we, as a large and international company, we can suffice with eight board members; five executive members for the daily operations and three non-executive members who are responsible for the long-term continuity of Centric.

Johan Taams, CEO

Johan has been the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Centric since 2021. Johan has extensive experience as a director in the IT market and has worked closely with the government. In previous years, Johan was CEO of Broad Horizon. Before that, he was ultimately responsible for Atos Nederland. During his career at Atos, he has successfully implemented a cultural change to a more data-driven and customer-oriented organization.

Freddie Veltmaat, CTO

In 2015, Freddie became Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Centric. As CTO, he is in charge of all technical developments within our company. He is also responsible for Centric Romania and Lithuania, our knowledge hubs. Freddie has been working at Centric since 1987, starting at ICT Automatisering, one of the legal predecessors of Centric. In 2005, Freddie became Management Consultant at Centric Belgium and The Netherlands, for the divisions Centric Healthcare Solutions and Centric Supply Chain Solutions. In 2010, he started working for Antea USA as Project Director and Hub Leader.

Patrick Rosengarten, CFO

Patrick is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Centric since 2020. Before joining Centric, Patrick was financial director of Gom Schoonhouden, part of Facilicom Group. As a member of the management team, he contributed to a successful transformation of the organization by setting up sector-specific business units, specialized in sub-markets within cleaning. He also worked at Randstad Nederland, where he held various financial management positions. In his last position he was financially responsible for Randstad Inhouse Services.

Debby de Gelder, CPO

As of January 2022, Debby de Gelder joined Centric as Chief People Officer (CPO). In this role Debby is responsible for the development of all employees in the countries in which Centric operates, in line with Centric’s strategy of prioritizing the professional and personal development of its workforce. Debby de Gelder has worked in relevant positions at Visma|Raet as managing director, COO/chief services officer and Director BPO. Before that, she was responsible for different HR-projects within KPN.

Bart Fehmers, COO

Following his appointment as managing director of Centric Managed Services in August 2021, Bart Fehmers will strengthen the Centric board as Chief Operating Officer (COO) starting in 2022. Within the board, Bart has final responsibility for implementation and operations. He also leads the restructuring of organizational units in line with Centric's new strategy. Bart has thirty years of IT experience in various national and international roles at IBM, and most recently as Managing Director of Cloud & Platform Services at Broad Horizon.

Louis Luijten, Chairman of the Board

Louis has been chairman of the board since January 2021, after joining the Centric board in July 2020. As a non-executive, he focuses on supervision and advising the executive board. Over the past twenty years, Louis has worked for various organizations: he was CIO at BU Lamps (Philips Lighting) from 1998 to 2004, general manager of the Global SAP Competence Centers within Philips Lighting from 2004 to 2006, and CIO at NXP (former chip division Philips) from 2006 to 2012. From 2012 to 2019, he worked as CIO at ASML. In 2014, Louis was elected ‘CIO of the Year’ during the CIO Day in the Amsterdam Beurs van Berlage.

Aike Schoots, non-Executive member of the board

Aike has been a non-executive member of the board of Centric since 2013. He is also a member of the executive board of Strukton Group, and is Chairman of the Supervisory board of Eurailscout (a joint venture company of Strukton and SNCF). As former CEO of Strukton Rail (from 1992 to 2019) Aike has been responsible for the activities in all countries where Strukton Rail conducts business, including The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, and Italy. Before this, he was managing director of construction company Albouw-BBM in Breda.

Peter Mous, non-Executive member of the board

Peter has been non-executive member of the Centric board since March 2021. He worked at IBM for 32 years, where he was General Director of IBM The Netherlands and fulfilled multiple management roles in the Netherlands and abroad. After his employment at IBM, Peter fulfilled several consultancy roles involving ICT and transformations related to data, being commissioned by both governments and private companies.