The name Centric is synonymous with its founder and owner Gerard Sanderink. In 1992, he founded Sanderink Group, the forerunner of Centric. Through organic growth and successful acquisitions, Centric grew to become a prominent European service provider.

Despite economic fluctuations, we have been profitable every year since the company started. As a non-listed Dutch company, we always use our profits to invest in the quality and expansion of our portfolio of products and services.

Soon after its founding, Centric rapidly grew into a fully-fledged IT supplier in the field of staffing and software for several major markets, including the regional and local public sector, supply chain, construction, healthcare, and the financial sector. Balance in our various operations and collaboration with our many partners ensures that our clients can rely on continuity and comprehensive solutions.

Ten years after its foundation, Centric took its first steps outside of the Netherlands, entering several other European markets. Operations continued to expand as well and, alongside IT products and services, Centric now also offers business process outsourcing and staffing services.

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