‘Centric is a perfect sparring partner’

In the Netherlands, CASA is an increasing presence, both on the high street and online. This Belgian retail chain recently acquired a large number of Xenos shops in the Netherlands. As a result, the home accessories retail chain currently has nearly 500 retail outlets, with shops spread across the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Spain. For the complex stocking demands of these shops, CASA uses Centric’s warehouse management solution Locus WMS.

From support system to automated control

Bart Douwen, CASA’s Operations Manager: “We have been using Locus WMS in our warehouses since 2004. When we were planning the construction of the new distribution centre in Olen in Belgium, we knew that we wanted to use it there too, because Locus WMS offers us a lot of added value as an automated warehouse management system. The solution also integrates excellently with the automation in the new warehouse.”

“Automated Locus WMS offers us a lot of added value”

Bart Douwen Operations Manager, CASA

According to Bart, the implementation of the automation is a good example of the collaboration. “The project involved CASA, Centric, and the supplier of the automation solution all working together. Since the latter party was new to us, we asked Centric to take the lead. We hoped that Centric, with its knowledge of our organisation and processes, would be a good sparring partner, both for us and for the other partner. Centric exceeded our expectations, showing that not only do they do what we ask of them, but also proactively consider our current and future needs.

“In the coming years, the focus will be on expanding our e-commerce activities,” says Bart. “We have already taken these ambitions into account when designing the new distribution centre. Locus WMS offers a lot of functionality for e-commerce, and it will play a central role in our expansion in this area.”

CASA is currently in discussions with Centric on how to put this ambition into action. “With their ability to truly grasp our organisation, I anticipate that Centric will again be an ideal sparring partner.”

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Rozanda van Vliet

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