Warehouse Management

Locus WMS

Optimising processes
Need to manage large, complex warehouses? Or perhaps you need support with omnichannel retail and e-commerce. If so, Centric’s warehouse management solution Locus WMS may be just right for you. Locus WMS is a smart, automated warehouse management system that brings efficiency to your warehouse and simplicity to the work floor. The benefits can be felt right down the chain, from the warehouse to the supply-chain partners to the end customers.

Locus WMS assigns the right logistics task to the right employees at the right time. Moreover, Locus WMS offers extensive applications for all logistics processes in the warehouse or wholesale operation, including real-time KPI dashboards with reports, advance shipping notices, integration with transport management, dashboard functionality, an integrated voice application and more.

These applications help you to improve efficiency, achieve a higher throughput and more reliability in the inventory records, and reduce dock-to-stock time. Sales orders are processed faster as well.

“Locus forces us to work in a structured way and according to the right processes”

Wim Röling Logistics Manager, Blokker

Why opt for Locus WMS?


Locus WMS is designed for medium-sized to large businesses with complex warehouses in retail, wholesale, e-commerce, 3PL, and manufacturing.

Ongoing optimisation

The configurable workflow lets you implement process improvements yourself with great ease. We also train your employees in the use of the system.

Direct control

The system assigns the right tasks to the right employee at the right time.

Ready for automation

With Locus WMS, you get integrated control of physical automation, like your warehouse robots. The automation features align perfectly to all warehouse processes.

Short payback period

A Locus WMS implementation is an investment that quickly pays for itself.

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