Outsourcing payment transactions

Business process outsourcing
Back office processes like those for payment transactions are the backbone of the services provided by banks. But as a business you prefer to focus attention on innovation and your customers. When you outsource your banking processes to Centric, you are in control of both quality and costs - 100% compliant.

Know what to outsource

What should you keep in-house and when is outsourcing the better choice? At Centric, we help you make an evidence-based analysis so that you know what to outsource. Based on our thorough knowledge of the financial sector, we design and implement IT solutions you can truly rely on. We have been automating back office processes since 2004, and many of our BPO specialists have a background in banking or insurance.

The Centric portfolio for business process outsourcing includes solutions and services for:

  • payments, savings and securities, as well as loans and cards
  • application and data hosting and management
  • assurance for reporting to internal auditor and external auditor/regulator

Operational excellence is Centric’s guiding principle when it comes to delivering outsourcing services. In close cooperation, we ensure that the quality of the banking processes increases while the investments become predictable.

Your service is compliant, guaranteed

In the financial sector, quality cannot be seen in isolation from the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. It is only logical that you, as a bank, want to be absolutely sure that outsourced back office processes comply with legislation and regulations. Centric can give you that assurance. This means that you know for certain that you can demonstrate compliance to internal and external auditors/regulators.

Why outsource payment transactions

A better back office

The quality of outsourced processes is demonstrably improved.

Compliance assured

Centric implements changes in line with amendments to laws and regulations in good time.

Time for what’s really important

Outsourcing your back office saves valuable time.

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