Payslip Box

Digital provision of payroll-related documents

With Centric Payslip Box, you get a Fiori app that fully integrates with your SAP environment, allowing you to efficiently control access to payroll-related documents.

Digital provision of payroll-related documents
Digital vs. analog

Heading for digital workplaces

Month after month, the same procedure: In payroll accounting, the pay slips are printed out, enveloped, and then mailed or distributed. This incurs enormous costs and administrative effort, which can no longer be justified in times of increasing digitalization.

Providing pay slips digitally saves you money. Because your employees can view the documents exactly where they want to: on their PC, tablet, or smartphone. It couldn't be simpler.

“Since we started uploading the digital payroll to Centric Employee File, we've only occasionally sent documents through the postal system.”

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Centric Payslip Box

Really clever and quite smart

Using the intuitive Centric Payslip Box, you can make payroll-related documents available to your employees in a controlled manner – while, of course, maintaining individual access rights. No more physical mailing – optimization is just that simple, with 100% SAP technology.

  • Payrolls are created in your HCM system as usual.
  • Your employee easily accesses the portal via PC, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Each employee sees only his or her payroll documents, which can be conveniently filtered by year, month, and document type.
  • The documents can be accessed, printed, saved locally, or forwarded regardless of time and location.

One solution - many advantages

A real win-win situation for both your company and your employees.

Advantages for employees

  • Access anywhere and anytime
  • Automated notification of new pay slips
  • Support for mobile devices (SAP Fiori)
  • Always find the right document with filtering and sorting
  • Call up, print, or save remuneration-related documents
  • Third-party access to pay slips is ruled out

Advantages for employers

  • Integration in SAP HCM/SuccessFactors
  • Automated provision of payroll-related documents, taking the existing role and authorization concept into account
  • Print out documents only when required
  • All payroll-related documents in a single app
  • Use of SAP data centers

Prices & functions

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