Extended Self-Services at Gameforge AG with Centric Employee File

Gameforge AG, based in Karlsruhe, Germany, is a pioneer in its industry and now has 450 million registered players in 75 countries worldwide. The digital company has now moved its human resources management to the cloud with SAP SuccessFactors and Centric Employee File for SAP solutions.

The maker of online games has been working with SAP SuccessFactors in its HR department since late 2020. Anett Graf, Head of Human Resources at Gameforge AG, thinks that data and document management cannot be separated from the HR software. That is why the company also implemented Centric Employee File for SAP solutions, the application integrated with SAP SuccessFactors, in the same period as SAP's cloud solution.

Simple document storage was upgraded

The goal of Gameforge is the complete digitalization of the HR area, because they want to get along without any physical documents in the future. Before the implementation of Centric's Digital Employee File, there were paper files. Large parts of them were already stored digitally in parallel in the previous HR system. "However, this was more of a rather simple filing of digital documents – not very convenient in terms of creating or searching, and no comparison with the fully functional Digital Employee File from Centric," says Anett Graf.

Centric Employee File is based 100% on SAP technology and therefore fits seamlessly into the look and feel of the SuccessFactors environment. Authorizations from SuccessFactors are fully considered. EU GDPR requirements are met as needed.

“Our previous HR system only offered a fairly simple digital document repository, which wasn’t very convenient in terms of creating or searching, and no comparison to Centric's Digital Employee File.”

Anett Graf Head of Human Resources der Gameforge AG

Self-services reduce administrative tasks of the HR department

Via SAP SuccessFactors and integrated file – and this is one of the fundamental differences compared to the previous work – managers and employees can now access their personnel documents in addition to the HR department. They can change their master data, view pay slips, contracts, or multi-page documents from target agreement meetings, and much more. This is achieved through Employee Self-Services (ESS) & Manager Self-Services (MSS) from SAP SuccessFactors, controlled via the security concept in the central SAP authorization management. This ensures that everyone can only view the personnel data for which they have dedicated rights. In addition, the relevant regulations of the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) apply.

Documents and e-mails can be stored via an Outlook 365 add-in. Data quality is enhanced with workflow support for deleting and moving documents.

A dashboard also provides a wide range of key figures on files, documents, and processes from HR reporting.

“When we first looked at the solution, we knew right away that this was exactly what we needed: simple, easy to use, and straightforward, in other words, stripped down to essentials.”

Thomas Mayer HR administrator at Gameforge AG

About Gameforge

Founded in 2002, Gameforge is a leading publisher and operator of highly acclaimed massive-ly multiplayer online (MMO) and browser-based game titles. Gameforge builds active, enduring global communities while supporting players through the highest quality LiveOps, localized community management, and impactful delivery of fresh content.

Gameforge’s diverse portfolio of highly successful gaming brands provides engaging experi-ences for players from all walks of life: core MMORPG titles AION, TERA, Kingdom Under Fire 2, and Metin2, beloved anime MMOs Elsword, NosTale, and SoulWorker, and strategy-focused browser games like OGame and Ultimate Pirates.

For more information, visit gameforge.com.

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