IT companies help Dutch Central Government to implement emergency measures

On March 17, the Dutch government announced a package of emergency measures to preserve jobs and support our economy. This package of measures must be organized and implemented at a rapid pace in the coming period.

Consultation between VNG, Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, Centric, PinkRoccade and WiGo4it

At the request of the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG) and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, on 18 March, consultations were held with various interested parties to discuss these measures. Like all stakeholders, we are happy to make our knowledge, capacity and software available to support municipalities in providing services to their citizens.

Support vital government processes

The input from the various parties is currently being worked out in order to determine which aid we can offer municipalities in the short term. The focus is mainly on supporting vital processes and adjusting the software needed to implement the emergency package.