Centric transforms DekaMarkt and Vomar Voordeelmarkt supermarkets

Supermarket chain Deen recently sold a number of its supermarkets to DekaMarkt (19 stores) and Vomar Voordeelmarkt (23 stores), among others Centric has been carrying out the transformation and refurbishment of these supermarkets since September. Centric was tasked with ensuring that all supermarkets were equipped with all the necessary hardware and Centric’s point-of-sale platform Omnichannel Retail Suite (ORS) before the start of the busy holiday month.

Omnichannel Retail Suite

With ORS, DekaMarkt and Vomar Voordeelmarkt can make essential data such as inventory overviews and product information available everywhere in real time. This way, the supermarkets can provide a uniform shopping experience to their customers across all sales channels. Moreover, with the implementation of ORS, they provide a fast and care-free checkout, from the store to the door.

Tight deadlines

Michael van der Zee, IT Manager at Vomar Voordeelmarkt: “This project caused quite a bit of stress before it even started as we had to deal with tight deadlines and a worldwide hardware shortage. In addition, we also did not know until the last moment whether the sale would be approved. The excellent collaboration with Centric, who really made a huge effort, enabled us to conclude this project successfully. Obviously, we are very pleased with the result.”

Satisfied customers

Peter van den Broek, interim IT Director at Detailresult (the holding company of which DekaMarkt is a subsidiary): “Our partners and Detailresult colleagues have worked extremely hard in the past months to realise 19 very appealing DekaMarket supermarkets. And with success! Our customers are pleasantly surprised by the new DekaMarket stores. Centric has helped us in an excellent way to open all of our stores successfully – timely and with 100% properly functioning IT – despite the challenging time frame. It's an achievement to be proud of!”