Centric helps DNB increase IT flexibility and performance

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), the Dutch central bank, has entered into a partnership with Centric. Centric will provide DNB staff with workspace services, a service desk, and office automation and will also manage the data centres.

DNB was looking to team up with a business partner in the long term with the aim of increasing the flexibility and performance of its IT organisation and shape its digital transformation. After a shortlisting process, Centric was selected in September to present a comprehensive tender. The contract is for four years.

Service Desk

In addition to Centric taking care of the workspace services and office automation for all DNB staff, there will be a fully equipped service desk available on site, from the workspace, by phone and online. Centric is furthermore tasked with keeping all the hardware and software up to date so that the employees can work securely from any location, at any time.

Data centre

DNB imposes high standards with regard to users, but also with regard to data, which must be held and managed securely and compliantly. With this in mind, in addition to the service desk, DNB has also contracted Centric to provide data centre services.

Workspace and office automation services

In a phased process, the digital workspaces with Windows 10 are being transformed into Centric’s standard workspace solution. This will give all employees access to Office 365 and more. Centric is handling the rollout and the management of workspace configurations and licences. Central to all workspaces are user-friendliness, security, speed, and innovation.

Jan van der Vliet, CIO at DNB: “For us as a central bank and supervisory authority, security, robustness and reliability are paramount. Centric has shown us that they are a solid party with a proven track record in terms of compliance and security. They will also transform our data centre with hybrid cloud technology. The collaboration with Centric gives us the scale to continue our commitment to a stable financial system unimpeded.”

Hans Schrijver, CCO at Centric: “Centric is best known in the financial sector for the possibilities we offer for outsourcing IT management and processes like payment transactions and pension administration. This choice by DNB will enable us to work on our spearheads: optimising processes, exchanging and embedding knowledge in areas such as compliance and security, and increasing the capacity to innovate.”