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Centric completes fiscal year 2020 with positive performance

Gouda, October 14, 2021 - Centric has published its public report with the annual results for 2020. Although 2020 was also marked by the corona pandemic for Centric, the impact on operations and results remained limited. Despite lower sales, the financial year ended positively with a higher profit than the previous year.

The revenue for 2020 amounts to 437 million euros. Although profitability has grown, sales are down on the previous year. This is partly due to the corona pandemic resulting in temporarily reduced customer demand for services provided by Centric, and partly due to postponed investments because of this uncertain period.

Nevertheless, the period ahead looks good for Centric. Despite the turbulent period, the new management has taken important strategic steps towards a future-proof organization: there is a solid strategic basis, net profits rose to 14 million euros, and substantial investments have been made to further prepare the organization for the future.

With a solvency of 43 percent, Centric is also financially stable, with good liquidity and no debt capital on its balance sheet. Centric has therefore not had to resort to government support schemes.

Improved governance

Over the past period, Centric has been working to improve its governance with several changes in the board. For example, three new board members took office in 2020: Henny Luijrink (CEO), Patrick Rosengarten (CFO) and Louis Luijten (non-executive director). In 2021, the non-executive board was further strengthened by the arrival of former IBM top executive Peter Mous. Louis Luijten also started as chairman of the board earlier this year following the retirement of Centric founder and owner Gerard Sanderink.

In addition, Johan Taams has been appointed CEO and member of the board effective August 1, 2021. Taams takes over from Henny Luijrink, who is retiring this year. With Johan Taams as the new CEO, Centric has an experienced board member with years of experience in the IT sector.

The change in management has once again created a stable basis for building on the future. Centric has thus started investing in key projects for a healthy future, including a strategy reassessment, a new CRM system and close partnership with Microsoft in the area of cloud.

'Market and process knowledge is the crown jewel of our organization'

In the coming years, Centric will distinguish itself more on the knowledge of processes and systems within the markets in which it has a strong presence: the public sector, retail and financial institutions.

Johan Taams: "In-depth market and process knowledge is truly the jewel of our organization. Knowledge of existing customers, but also the expertise needed for new developments, such as data science, virtual reality and the latest trends in information security. By continuing to invest in our employees and customers, we will have a bright future, I am convinced."

Centric Public Report

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Would you like more background information on our annual results and developments at Centric? Get up to speed by reading Centric’s Public Report 2020.

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