XR developer using a hololens to develop a AR VR application

XR Business Services

At Centric, we are ready for the future. We invest in technologies that will help keep us ahead of the curve – like XR. Our XR team helps clients discover things through AR, VR, and MR that they never thought possible by doing research, creating proofs of concept, and providing innovative XR solutions. We help customers see beyond the 2D world so they can better manage their assets, increase productivity, and improve their customer experience.

XR technologies immerse users in digitally enhanced environments, providing innovative solutions that elevate customer engagement, employee training, product development, and operational efficiency. XR enables businesses to visualize concepts, enhance learning experiences, and streamline processes in ways previously unimaginable.

Our Approach

We specialize in crafting customized XR solutions that cater to your specific business needs, leveraging cutting-edge technology to revolutionize operations. Our expert team works closely with clients to understand their goals, ensuring tailored XR experiences that align with their business strategies.

  • Landscape design - Research in collaboration with Wageningen University & Research. Collaborative mixed-reality application that facilitates decision-making in landscape design.
  • Road safety - A driving simulator with different road design layouts to check what aspects could improve a driver's attention, therefore decreasing the number of accidents.
  • Alternative therapy - Virtual reality application for improving emotion recognition and monitoring the progress of children with autism spectrum disorders during therapy.
  • Industry - Facilitating the inspection process for relay checkups, improving the quality, efficiency, and safety of the inspection process.

Benefits of Partnering with Centric for XR Services:

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: XR experiences captivate and engage customers, offering unique and immersive interactions that set your business apart.
  • Improved Training and Education: XR facilitates interactive and realistic training simulations, enhancing learning experiences for employees and customers.
  • Innovative Product Development: Visualize and prototype products or concepts in a virtual space, accelerating design and development processes.
  • Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings: XR applications streamline processes, reduce errors, and save costs by simulating real-life scenarios before execution.

Experience the power of XR technology in driving innovation and efficiency within your business.

Contact us today to discover how our XR services can transform your business, foster innovation, and drive operational success in an increasingly digital world.

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Robert Dumitru, Business Development Manager

If you have any questions, contact Robert by email robert.dumitru@centric.eu, phone at +40742143458.