Public Sector Solutions

Centric has a long history of supplying software for the Dutch government. For over 30 years, we have supplied software to the Dutch government, mainly local governments such as Dutch municipalities. But we also deliver software and services to other parts of the Dutch government, for instance, our HR & Payroll product to the House of Representatives. We are one of the few companies that delivers a complete portfolio covering all core local government tasks. Currently, more than 300 of the 352 municipalities in the Netherlands use at least one of our solutions. That’s 85%!

We are the overall market leader in local government software solutions in The Netherlands, and in some areas, like citizen services and social services, we are the absolute market leader. We are very proud to be a vital part of the evolution of the Dutch government and its services to residents and companies.

Citizens want a municipality that is ready for them. Whether it concerns work, income, care, or youth services, cities have the important task of supporting their residents when they need help. Only the best tools guarantee that your services run smoothly and safely, from simple applications to complex social management.

Effective management of social services is an enormous challenge to many municipalities. For most municipalities, the most significant budget need is in social services – sometimes up to 40% of the entire budget. Centric supports municipalities in implementing social service laws and regulations.

  • Work together to promote resident-focused care.
  • Good service to residents through digital services
  • More efficient business operations thanks to automation, easy access, reuse of data, and data-informed working.

Why choose Centric?

  1. Domain knowledge & expertise. We know your processes and challenges and develop solutions and services that match them.
  2. Completely stress-free. We take responsibility for your entire IT landscape, including when it comes to partner solutions.
  3. Continuity. We are a stable partner with a healthy financial position. This means we will be by your side for years to come.
  4. Innovation. We help you step into the future and ensure you can continue working in a modern (application) environment.
  5. Data safety. We ensure that your data safety and privacy are guaranteed.

Want to find out more?

Robert Dumitru, Business Development Manager

If you have any questions, contact Robert by email, phone at +40742143458.