Data & Business Intelligence

Centric offers comprehensive Data & Business Intelligence services tailored to enhance decision-making processes and foster operational efficiency for B2B enterprises. Our specialized solutions harness data insights, empowering businesses to make strategic, well-informed decisions.

Our expertise in data analytics and business intelligence equips enterprises with tailored solutions aligned with their specific objectives. We work closely with businesses to harness the power of data, enabling them to make informed decisions, drive efficiency, and achieve sustainable growth.

What can we offer you?

Knowledge about multiple BI platforms

Our team has experience with various BI tools and platforms such as Microsoft Power BI, IBM Cognos, Qlik Sense.

Understanding multiple business contexts

Having interacted and worked on multiple projects with various business domains helps us understand and prepare for the unique requirements of any new project.

BI Consulting

Helping our customers to understand their data, build reports and dashboards, guide them to adopt a BI solution and overall, helping them to take more informed business decisions.

Support & Maintenance

Offering technical support and maintainability of the built BI reports/dashboards.

Data visualization

Having the ability to adapt the visualizations and choose the right one to fit client needs based on the analyzed data.

Data warehousing & ETL

Centralizing the data from multiple data sources, translating the logic of business into our data models, applying ETL processes to prepare the data for report consumption and ensure that the quality of data is superlative.

UI/UX expertise

Combining data-led insights with impactful user experiences to create reports and dashboards that are usable, functional, accessible, but at the same time visually appealing and engaging.

Integration with other tools/apps

Experience with integrating our reports into the Microsoft Power Platform, web, and cloud applications

Benefits of Partnering with Centric:

  • Informed Decision-Making: Helps businesses to rely on the available data, analyzing it and subtract more insightful decisions rather than relying on intuition or experience. This will help businesses with decision making in this fast-paced environments.
  • Improved efficiency and performance: Optimize business operations by leveraging data to identify areas for improvement and streamlining processes for enhanced efficiency.
  • Transforming data into knowledge: Gain a competitive edge by understanding market trends, customer behavior, and internal operational patterns to refine strategies.
  • Increase workflow speed, revenue and reducing costs: Using reports and dashboards encourages faster decision making and so business efficiency increases together with the workflow speed especially needed in a fast-paced environment as nowadays.

Contact us today to explore how our Data & Business Intelligence services can drive success, streamline operations, and empower data-informed decisions for your B2B enterprise.

Want to find out more?

Robert Dumitru, Business Development Manager

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