Our unique approach lies in the diversity of opportunities, great people, and exceptional expertise we offer. Serving diverse organizations across Europe—municipalities, banks, hospitals, retailers, construction, and transport—we deliver solid technological solutions and top-tier IT services. Our professionals, experts in their fields, ensure that vital processes in society run smoothly. By empowering clients to focus on their strengths, we foster growth and success. At Centric, business opportunities, great people, and expertise come together for innovation and success.

Our Services

UX Services UI/UX design and UX research enable companies to create user-centered products that effectively meet the needs of their target audience. Software Development Standard business applications, custom software, and migration projects Quality Assurance dedicated testers work closely with developers and product owners to ensure the delivery of high-quality products XR Business Services The XR team actively engages in diverse projects across the AR/VR/MR spectrum, driving innovation in various domains like landscape design, road safety or alternative therapy Cybersecurity Positioned at the forefront of cybersecurity, their primary focus lies in identifying, targeting, exploiting, and ultimately assisting in the mitigation of potential security vulnerabilities. Digital Business Solutions Our specialists provide proactive, end-to-end management and support for IT infrastructure, applications, and operational processes. Data Business Inteligence Leverage information analysis and reporting tools to help in making data-driven decisions and develop strategic plans based on insight

Knowledge partner in your industry

Retail Innovative technological solutions to enhance customer experiences and drive operational efficiency Cloud Journey Cloud-based solutions that revolutionize operations and scalability, ensuring businesses thrive in the digital landscape FinTech Robust and secure solutions tailored to meet the ever-evolving needs of the fintech industry Public Sector Solutions Specialized solutions to support the modernization and efficacy of public sector entities Smart Cities Enabling the transformation of cities into smart, connected environments through advanced technologies that enhance citizen services and sustainability.