New fintechs entering the market, financial processes, and products turning into commodities are game changers. For those who want to make a difference, it is time for real choices. With Centric as a partner, banks and insurers have everything within reach for a successful digital transformation.

We handle the processes. You take the strategy

Smart digitalization of banking services is no small affair. It must be done quickly while still complying with laws and regulations. And you need proven technology, too, without having to pay a fortune for administration. With this in mind, Centric combines the highest quality IT facilities with a thorough understanding of the rules, requirements, and standards that apply in the financial sector.

Would you like to add more value using fewer resources? Then join the growing number of financial institutions that have discovered process outsourcing as the way to transfer their non-core processes and IT components. Outsourcing the entire back office, or parts of it, gives you more room to maneuver and allows you to bring the focus back to where it belongs: on the strategic goals and innovative power of your organization.

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Outsourcing payment transactions

Back-office processes like those for payment transactions are the backbone of the services provided by banks. But as a business, you prefer focusing on innovation and your customers. When you outsource your banking processes to Centric, you are in control of both quality and costs - 100% compliant.

The Centric portfolio for business process outsourcing includes solutions and services for:

  • payments, savings, and securities, as well as loans and cards
  • application and data hosting and management
  • assurance for reporting to internal auditor and external auditor/regulator

Staying ahead in Fintech is not just a choice; it's a necessity. Partner with Centric to gain a competitive edge, navigate industry shifts, and lead the way in financial innovation.

Contact us today to explore how our Fintech expertise can drive your business forward in this dynamic landscape.

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