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Centric targets growth in 2022; improved results in 2021

GOUDA, 19 April - The annual figures for 2021 show that Centric is a financially healthy IT company with growth potential. Turnover remained fairly stable (422 million euros), with a slight contraction of 3.3%. Although the effects of corona and the international chip shortage were noticeable, volume remained constant with an improved operating result before tax. Centric did not make use of government support due to corona nor of any other external financing.

The operational result before tax rose to 17.0 million euros, an improvement of 5.3% compared to 2020 (16.1 million euros). We achieved this by making clear choices aimed at realizing added value for customers resulting in an improvement in the gross margin said Patrick Rosengarten, CFO of Centric. Other operating costs have fallen due to smarter working and efficiency improvement programs. Solvency is 46% and thus remains at a high level. No dividend has been paid.

Johan Taams, CEO and member of the Board of Centric, is looking ahead positively. "We are investing heavily in innovation of products and services. This also applies to our core processes and the alignment of systems. The digital transformation that companies and governments are going through and many far-reaching technological developments demand this. Our expectation is that Centric will be able to grow due to increasing demand for our services in a number of markets. We are therefore looking positively at the further course of 2022. Centric is robust, agile and customer-focused with a unique work culture. That makes us a valuable and effective partner for companies and governments, and an interesting employer for IT talent..”

The focus of the growth strategy is on European markets in Public, Retail & Logistics, Finance & Insurance and Industry. New opportunities are created here through the combination of unique sector knowledge, sector-specific software and generic services. Centric is investing heavily in cloud practice, for example. The advantages of the cloud, such as scalability, optimum availability and safety, do not just help customers. They also enable Centric itself to grow further. One example of this is the partnership with Microsoft and the collaboration with local governments in this area. As a result, local residents will soon be assisted by a digital assistant 24/7. Centric also focuses on cybersecurity, R&D and innovation, Blockchain for the public sector, app development and data science.

Look at the annual figures and backgrounds in the Centric Public Report 2021.

Annual report 2021

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