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The Internet of Things

People and their environments are becoming increasingly intertwined with technology and technical applications. The number of devices connected to the internet since 2008 has surpassed the number of people in the world, for example. Over the next decade this number of devices will grow to a hundred billion, equivalent to twelve devices per person.

Already we allow ourselves to be led to specific locations automatically by a navigation system or smartphone, and with chips in our running shoes we can measure our performance and compare it against that of other runners. The Internet of Things (IoT) is not an aspect of the future, but an unstoppable phenomenon evolving right now – a development which affects Centric and its clients.

After all, people and objects must be able to assign significance to the information they receive in a specific context. And that makes information the most important element in The Internet of Things: it’s no longer about the device, no matter how ingenious, but about the information which arrives through that device. What happens to it? What applications do we need for dealing with this information usefully? Finding, managing, making usable and unlocking data: for Centric this is what the IoT is all about. 

Ben van Lier, expert Internet of Things works at Centric and is involved in research and analysis of developments in the areas of overlap between organisation and technology within the various market segments.