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Centric’s vision on Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is no longer merely an idealistic plan for creative start-ups - it has now become a business value that companies of a certain size with a certain level of influence should propagate. 

CSR fits in with the current global trend that sees social awareness and a sense of responsibility becoming prerequisites for success. This success is no longer measured in terms of growth, profit and status, but is primarily reflected in stability, sustainability and added value for society. 

Centric emphasizes the significance of this trend, which dovetails with the approach that the company has employed right from day one. The directors constantly strive to create stability for customers, suppliers and staff, whilst employing a sober and transparent management style and plowing profits back into sustainable reinforcement of the company itself.

As a technical service provider, Centric believes in the power of innovation as a boost for sustainable growth. This is reflected both in our own organization and in our services. The purpose of our products and services is to optimize our customers’ business processes, and therefore enable them to also act in accordance with their company's economic objectives. 

The world is facing big challenges when it comes to dealing with scarce resources, combating climate change and creating development opportunities for everyone. Centric's contribution consists of applying social awareness throughout its operations and, even more importantly, sharing its skills with its environment so that others can also tackle modern day challenges with smart solutions and technological innovations. Because sustainable growth is achieved through innovation, not cost-cutting.