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ICT Outsourcing

ICT outsourcing is one of Centric’s fortes, offering the best performance at the best price. For many of our clients, offering career prospects to its IT employees is a real stumbling block. But not for Centric. A clear career path is laid out for every IT professional at Centric. Centric works for appealing clients where employees are able to find the challenges they need. New employees can tell you about the speed with which they are posted to an interesting new assignment.

Outsourcing entails uncertainty for a company’s staff. That’s why clear and open communication is crucial. Centric does this on an individual basis as well. Practice has shown that ICT outsourcing offers interesting possibilities for our current and future employees. We notice time and again that employees look forward to the upcoming outsourcing.

With ICT Outsourcing from Centric you have:

  • The assurance that Centric will absorb your employees into its organisation fast.
  • Employees who stand behind the ICT Outsourcing.
  • The best guarantees for achieving IT service levels.
  • All for an especially attractive price.