Data Analytics & AI

We empower our customers to make data-driven decisions by harnessing our expertise in data engineering, business intelligence, and data science.We're establishing and overseeing data pipelines to facilitate easy access to extensive and versatile datasets, enabling the generation of insights and data products, spanning from reporting services to complex machine learning algorithms.

Data Analytics & AI

Our Functions:

  • Consultation: We advise customers on data management, data governance, and the path to becoming a data-driven organization.
  • Data Platform as a Service: We provide data management solutions, offering consultancy for optimal infrastructure, building customized ELT (Extract Load Transform) pipelines, and integrating data from various sources for comprehensive analytics.
  • Insights Generation: We unlock insights from customer data, establishing self-service environments and creating reports and dashboards to visualize Key Performance Indicators.
  • Employee AI Solutions: Our team conducts AI Research and Development projects, developing products where custom-trained AI algorithms empower key decision-makers.

Key Technologies we use

  • Azure Data factory, cognitive services
  • MS PowerBI
  • Python


  • Data platform for PSS customers
  • Spatial data managing and analytics for the Hague (in collaboration with Antea)
  • Preventive rail maintenance identification service (in collaboration with Strukton)
  • Multiple Data science R&D projects with cognitive services, image recognition, optimization (in collaboration with PSS, SCS)

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