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Centric assigns experts who know their fields

Are you short of capacity? Or do you suddenly need specialised knowledge? Centric Staffing Services will assign a professional to you with the right knowledge and skills. For the short or long-term.

Our account managers understand the IT world and can get to the core of your request for a good match, in a personal to-the-point discussion.

Our recruiters perform a thorough screening of the professionals. Not only for IT knowledge, but for their soft skills too. That means you get the best possible professionals for your team in-house.

Our extensive, international database of IT professionals ensures that the most suitable candidate is proposed for you.

Key success factors

  • Regular follow-up
    It’s teamwork. We keep close contact to you as a client and to our agents.
  • Considerable know-how
    Our agents can make appeal to the whole team of specific specialists at Centric.
  • ROI
    Hiring a special assigned agent with the focus on your specific mission will lead to a better Return on Investment.
  • International connections
    Our network and organisation does not stop at land boarders.
  • Solid company
    Centric has 25 years of experience and is known as a professional, pragmatic and loyal business partner.
  • Professional
    We have high standards in quality control. We can switch fast to succeed in your mission. 

The right agent for your mission

There’s a wide range of job profiles we can select for you. We work with both permanent staff and freelancers: 

  • Support Engineer,
  • System Engineer,
  • .Net Developer,
  • Java Developer,
  • Sharepoint,
  • Mobile Apps Developer,

and many more...

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IT agents with Centric DNA

Real Centric’ers keep both feet on the ground. They are excited about their job and are not afraid to make mistakes. They love to learn, are approachable and enjoy helping people out. That makes them professional, reliable and committed. They keep their word and stand for their jobs and for what they believe in. They have Centric DNA.