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Software Solutions

Centric specialises in customer-specific (customised) software to support processes that are critical for business.

Software development and software management

In addition to realising and testing new solutions and systems, we also manage and maintain your existing systems. Our focus is on extending the lifespan of your applications while keeping costs as low as possible.

Centric can provide you with flexible capacity or complete project management. We can also arrange for outsourcing and offshoring of ICT services.

Standard software

In addition to its custom-made software, Centric also offers standard software to support generic business processes. Software to support your HR and payroll administration, for example, or for digital processing of your information (EDI) or the organisation and registration of your documents.

Industry-specific software

Centric supplies contemporary standard software and the accompanying services for organisations in various industries. Our services cover everything from software design, development and implementation to software maintenance and even operation if required. In order to guarantee the quality of applications, we are also able to offer you our capacity, skill and know-how for the testing and management of your software. Read more >>