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Grounded in an integrated solution

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, software that supports all the processes in your company. ERP is often called the heart of a company. While many companies used to utilise different programs to support their business activities, a very large number of processes are now combined within an ERP.

A result of such an ERP system is that data from customers, projects, services and products within the organisation only needs to be entered once, since only a single database is managed. In addition to lowering the risk of inconsistent data, an ERP system also offers many other advantages, such as a more efficient way of working, better communication and, of course, cost reduction. It goes without saying that the success of this is determined by the extent to which your own business processes can be well supported. 

And that’s exactly where the added value of Centric stands out. Centric offers an ERP in two strategic markets, namely Centric Construction Solutions for the construction industry, and Centric Tradeworld for the wholesale industry (supply chain). Centric has over 20 years of experience in both markets and we are able to provide dozens of references. So we know your business through and through, which is an absolute prerequisite for smooth and professional implementation.