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A migration is a time-consuming process that involves many different operational activities. It requires not only time but also expertise. Since migrations bring major changes for users, it’s important for the rollout process to run smoothly. It goes without saying that you want to hamper the users’ daily work as little as possible.   With Workplace Roll-out, Centric offers you the solution to guarantee a seamless rollout process.

What does Roll-out offer?

Roll-out is a controlled approach, in which clear logistical processes are defined for an ultimately simple rollout of a migration project. Prior to rollout, any possible obstacles are eliminated, the required space is made available and experienced project team members are assigned to the project.  Centric will then draw up a plan for the Workplace Roll-out in consultation with your organisation. Centric also takes responsibility for punctual delivery of the end result.

Centric’s Staging Rooms are where it prepares PCs for use. The PCs are first configured to meet your particular requirements. Centric then delivers the PCs to the workstations in your organisation, connected to the network.

Advantages of Roll-out

  • Migration ahead of schedule since Centric installs your PCs ready for use in just a short time and in full compliance with your needs
  • Cost savings through our efficient process and smart consideration given to PC (re)use
  • Care-free migration since you don’t need to worry about logistics and can focus entirely on the migration itself
  • Full cooperation from your users since they’re barely inconvenienced during the migration and are treated properly