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Logistical workplace management

Logistical service provision is a complex whole that is difficult to predict. Sometimes a PC breaks down and needs to be replaced.  Or you hear that a new employee is starting work tomorrow and needs a workstation.

Also, organisations are often dependent upon multiple parties for hardware and software supply. Simplifying the logistical process with Centric’s logistical workplace management will save you loads of money and worries. 

What does logistical workplace management offer?

Logistical workplace management from Centric handles all the procedures needed to keep a standard workstation operational, taking charge of all the processes that go with this, so you don’t have to. The quality of the service provided is measured based on your desired service level, as established in an SLA. This forms the basis for providing your organisation with any necessary suggestions for improvement.  Centric distinguishes between three variants of logistical workplace management:

  • On-site
  • Off-site with service provision
  • Off-site with direct installation

Advantages of logistical workplace management

  • Improvement to your ICT service provision, since you can quickly have a new and funny functional PC connected to the workplace.
  • Cost savings through our efficient process and smart consideration given to PC (re)use.
  • Direct contact with suppliers, sparing you the need to store superfluous logistical junctions.
  • No more worrying about logistics, so you can focus entirely on your core activities.
  • Users feel that they receive entirely proper treatment during the updating of their familiar workplace.