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Centric public report 2015: Smart solutions

2015 was a particularly successful year for Centric. Income after taxation was up 20 per cent to 18.6 million euros, with sales down 6 per cent to 463 million euros.

Read the public report 2015This is in line with expectations and is the result of strategic choices made at Centric. Centric has decided on a keener operational focus in order to ensure a more consistent balance between sales and profit.

In our public report you will read about the most important developments in 2015 at Centric and for our customers and our strategic choices for our products and services. We tell you about the strategic choices we made for the future of our company and our solutions.
In this public report we also look at how technology improves our lives, not something you think about every day. This public report will show you how our smart solutions help organisations in a wide range of sectors give their customers the best possible service, every single day. Because that’s what we’re all about.

Technology has gradually become invaluable to us as citizens, patients, employees and consumers... actually in almost all aspects of our lives. In the devices we use, the arrangements we make, on the road and at work. From government, housing and health care to finance, retail and logistics, Centric’s solutions are used in so many different areas that there’s a good chance of everyone encountering them on a daily basis. And we are proud of that!

Order your copy of the public report or read it online

You can read the public report online or order your copy at info@centric.eu.

Download the annual report

In our annual report you will find the complete overview of our financial statements.

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