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Secondment is a good solution for situations with temporary spikes in the need for support personnel. These temporary employees are directed by your own organisation. We essentially supply temporary capacity for an agreed period based on the job profile that you provide. Since secondment is an important part of Centric’s activities, we can provide references from all the major business sectors in Belgium.

Experience in every field: Centric distinguishes between ten main functions on three or four levels. The higher the level, the more difficult the function. A brief summary of these functions:

  • An IT trainee is a beginning IT technician who quickly develops into a valuable team member at the central help desk through training and coaching.
  • A Support Engineer is the technical support you can rely on for simple automation and management processes.
  • A Support Specialist is a knowledgeable and certified employee in the field of ITIL processes.
  • A Systems Specialist is a knowledgeable and certified employee with a wide range of skills who is fully versed in supporting and carrying out office automation processes. Troubleshooting, management and installation.
  • A Networks Specialist is an automation specialist who is familiar with the establishment, management and optimisation of our clients’ networks.
  • An Applications Specialist is specialised in the design, construction, implementation and management of applications. An indispensable link in (complex) automation projects in a diverse range of stages.
  • A Project Leader not only coaches but also serves as a reliable go-to for difficult questions and isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves for demanding tasks. A go-getter who knows how to coach, utilising all his knowledge and skill to get high-quality results out of assignments and projects.
  • A Technical Consultant is more than an advisor. This collaborative solution-finder not only advises clients on setting up complex (office) automation environments, but can also step in as an expert during projects.
  • A Business Consultant is an expert in the field of coordinating automation processes with business processes. He can function as the interim manager for your automation department, among other tasks.
  • A Project Manager directs and supervises a project from start to finish and functions as a central point of contact for clients, suppliers and internal project organisation. An executive strategist, who utilises all his knowledge and competencies to see projects through to successful completion.