Thales Nederland leaves pension administration to the specialists

With its 2000 employees, Thales Nederland is part of Thales Group, an international group that develops electronics in the field of safety and security. The access gates at various Dutch railway stations of NS are a good example of their work. Centric has emerged as the best partner for guaranteeing flexible pension administration for Thales Pensioenfonds.

“Centric has sufficient scale as a provider”

Flexible administration has always been a main concern for pension funds and that is not about to change either. This is clear to the people who administer the Thales pension fund too. “As a relatively small pension fund with around 2000 members, we prefer to leave pension administration to the specialists,” explains the manager of the company pension fund Sander Heemskerk,

who was closely involved in the tender procedure used to select a new partner for the fund. “The key criterion was clear to us: how quickly can you implement new schemes and at what cost?”

“We were looking for a provider with scale and a flexible system for our pension administration. The fact that Centric does not have an outdated legacy system gives us even more confidence in their adaptability.”

Sander Heemskerk Manager, Thales Pensioenfonds

Centric convinced Heemskerk and his colleagues that the flexibility of the system is in good order. “They don’t have an old legacy system in their IT landscape, which is an advantage when it comes to adaptability.” In addition to Dutch laws and regulations, at Thales they are seeing increasingly more European regulations, like the IORP II reporting requirements. Changes will also have to be made in line with the provisions of the new Pension Agreement that was recently adopted by Dutch parliament. “Centric has sufficient scale as a provider and this assures us, as a pension fund, of continuity.”

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