Explosive growth thanks to flexible solutions

Last year, Action opened 338 shops spread across the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria and Spain, making it one of the fastest growing discount retailers in Europe. Jens Burgers, Action’s IT Director: “This explosive growth was made possible in part by working with partners who can respond quickly, partners like Centric.”

Support in all areas

Centric is responsible for rolling out the physical IT infrastructure in all new Action stores. Furthermore, Centric ensures that everything is up and running on time, from the POS systems and workspaces at the office to the network and the link to Action head office. Centric is also responsible for the workspace services in all offices and the distribution centre, and the company takes care of on-site support as well. “Because Centric does all of this for us, we already knew that they are perfectly capable of managing a well-oiled automated process and can cope with peak workloads. Over a period of two years, we opened 338 stores. No other company in the market can demonstrably deliver that volume,” says Burgers.

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