‘Centric staff really know us. The personal touch really stands out’

If you drive a BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Honda, or Volkswagen, chances are your speedometer and tachometer were manufactured by Nippon Seiki, a Japanese manufacturer of dashboard instruments and head-up displays for the global automotive industry. From its Dutch offices in Hoofddorp, the company directs all product streams from Asia to customers in Europe. The administrative backbone of all of this – the exchange of orders, confirmations and invoices – is the EDI solution from Centric. Supply Chain Manager Elwin Bolink talks about the benefits of automating while maintaining the personal touch.

Why use Centric’s Managed EDI?

“When we chose EDI, we were still a relatively small player and the larger, established EDI providers were not an option for us from a cost perspective. But the reason we are still with Centric today as users of their Managed EDI service is the personal touch, which really stands out. I sometimes have dealings with external parties of our customers’ EDI service providers, and it is not uncommon to be dealing with a call centre in the Philippines one day and talking to someone in the US the next. From department to department, they forward your call across the entire globe, and each time you have to explain your problem again.”

“At Centric, we always have a dedicated team to fall back on. They know our business and what we mean.”

Elwin Bolink Supply Chain Manager, Nippon Seiki

“At Centric, we always have a dedicated team to fall back on. They know our business and what we mean. I can have extremely open and frank discussions with them about the service, both on the specifics of the service and on their performance. Centric’s first-line staff all know who we are. And if they cannot work something out, we are immediately put through to the second or third line. We have already noticed that employees there are also well trained and know our business, which makes everyone there very approachable and pleasant to work with. These are, for us, still the most important points.”

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