Omnichannel Business Platform

Omnichannel Retail Suite
The Omnichannel Business Platform manages your retail format centrally and across multiple sales channels. This makes it easy to import master data and distribute it to all sales channels. Sales transactions and item changes are processed in real time, so you can manage the operational retail processes efficiently. This includes monitoring cash flows, directing replenishment and managing a loyalty programme.

Ecosystem integration

As a modern retailer, you are part of an ecosystem, so it is essential to integrate all the different solutions. This helps you offer your customers the best possible service. To make this integration possible, the system must be ‘open’. The Omnichannel Business Platform is a retail platform with standard interfaces (APIs), which makes integration straightforward. The APIs are based on international standards (ARTS) and are documented in such a way that third parties can easily integrate them.

The Omnichannel Business Platform offers a wide range of standard integrations: from global vendors to local solutions, including payment providers, e-commerce, gift cards and CRM solutions. We also continuously add new integrations.


How can you manage your retail format centrally?

Centric’s Omnichannel Retail Suite helps you realise all your omnichannel goals. The platform was built with the latest technology and offers a wide range of functionality.

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