Omnichannel Retail Suite
Customers expect perfect service in store. inPosition is a flexible platform that helps you provide maximum support to your customers and store employees.

A single, flexible front-end system for all sales channels

The platform runs on almost all hardware devices and operating systems (Windows, iOS and Android). This allows you to set up your store processes exactly the way you want: design your own customer journey. You can use a variety of solutions within the inPosition platform, including inPosition Point of Sale, inPosition inStore Services and inPosition inStore Operations.

inPosition Point of Sale platform

With the inPosition Point of Sale platform, you can support the various sales processes with a staffed Point of Sale or one of the self-service concepts. inPosition can also be used as a Point of Service to support long tail, cross-selling and up-selling scenarios that prevent no-sale situations.

inPosition lets you empower your store employees. For example, you can make all information available through a mobile device in real time to offer the desired customer experience.

The software can be installed on various hardware platforms. The required peripherals, such as card terminals, scanners and receipt printers, can be connected easily (and shared between devices). This allows you to support every shopping trip, from rapid check-out Point of Sale to high-service mobile Point of Sale in store (or home delivery) or self-service checkout.


How can you manage your retail format centrally?

Centric’s Omnichannel Retail Suite helps you realise all your omnichannel goals. The platform was built with the latest technology and offers a wide range of functionality.

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