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Optimising processes
eHRM for an agile organisation. Motion supports employees, managers and HR professionals in a single digital work environment with tasks related to HR processes and payroll administration. From submitting an expense claim and requesting leave to approving career interviews and interview reports, it facilitates it all.

eHRM in the cloud

What’s also great is that entering and changing data is done at the source, by your employees – error-free and easy, wherever and whenever they want, and on any device. How do you benefit from this? You gain time and can focus on your organisation and all the changes that lie ahead. From recruitment, e-signature, onboarding and offboarding to e-learning, with Motion you operate from the cloud. No more maintenance on massive amounts of expensive hardware. It’s all so clear and simple.


Motion has been developed on the basis of co-creation. Together with end users, we took the most important features of HR and payroll administration and, using a logical process, transformed it all into user-friendly software. The result is that Motion can be fully aligned with what is relevant for every person who works at your organisation: staff at the HR and payroll departments, the managers, and all employees.

Regionale Belasting Groep

“We are so very happy with Motion. What Centric has promised has all been delivered: all the functionality we wanted is there, delivered on time and on budget.”

Henk Sigmund Director, RBG regional tax group

Why choose for Motion?

Give your employer branding a boost

Digitally set up your entire recruitment apparatus, facilitate a unique onboarding and offboarding process, and lifelong learning; Motion makes it happen.

Optimise payroll processing

Because the payroll system is automated, payroll administrators no longer have to worry about print files. Digitalisation reduces the risk of human error, meaning changes can be processed quickly and flawlessly.

More time for your real work

The system is largely employee self-serve, leaving you more time to concentrate on your core tasks.

Data-driven decision making

With Motion, the employee is central to the process. Through changes and algorithms, managers can steer their decisions according to the trends predicted by the data.

Cross-border collaboration

Thanks to Motion’s high level of user-friendliness, employees at every level of the organisation can engage effortlessly and work productivity increases. Flexible modules and e-signature ensure that everything is arranged digitally within a few clicks.

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