Future IT Assessment

Optimising processes
It is important that organisations keep their IT environment future-proof. This requires a clear roadmap, one that takes into account all current and future needs and requirements within the business.

Centric's Future IT Assessment provides insight into these IT needs via three workshops, one from the perspective of the organisation, one to study the information needs, and one to consider the IT services. With this approach you can be certain that the choices you make are responsible, future-proof ones.


We offer three workshops for compiling a reliable and accurate roadmap.

Workshop 1: Your organisation

During the first workshop we focus on your business model and business objectives. From the perspective of strategy, processes, and policy, we go through all your IT needs and wants with you. How do you implement your business objectives with IT? How do you offer users the right workspace?

Workshop 2: Information needs

How do your employees, buyers and supply chain partners want to use information?

Workshop 3: IT services

The technology and delivery models behind the IT infrastructure and workspace configurations determine flexibility and scalability. The third workshop is all about data access, investments, and the requirements the applications place on infrastructure.


To make your IT future-proof, you have to make decisions. You want to make sustainable and profitable choices that will help you along your way to the future. These must, moreover, be a fit with the current situation and the budget. This is why we provide you with a roadmap: this enables you to better determine which projects are required, and whether and where more exploration is needed before you get started.

Step-by-step plan

How does it work?

  1. Exploratory meeting
  2. Three workshops
  3. Presentation and feedback along with the delivery of a roadmap
  4. If required, further exploration
  5. Determine the projects required via Centric and your business partners
  6. Projects to ensure you stay on track with future-proof IT

Application alignment

Would you, in addition to a global roadmap, like to have an in-depth assessment of your application landscape? We can help you in this regard too, with workshops that specifically address all applications within your IT environment. A diverse application landscape is expensive and requires your business to have a lot of specialist knowledge. The Application Alignment Assessment puts you in charge of your application landscape again by identifying unnecessary complexity.

Are you making the right choices?


The Future IT Assessment is a reliable basis for future-proofing your IT.

Smart choices

You can be sure that the choices you make based on the assessment will be well-considered, evidence-informed choices.

From start to finish

From intake to roadmap, we handle the entire project.

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