Hybrid Workspace

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An effective digital workspace empowers your employees to get the best out of themselves, and do so securely. Hybrid Workspace is Centric's intelligent workspace concept that combines Microsoft Office 365 with your business applications to improve collaboration, foster knowledge sharing, and increase productivity.

Empower your employees to give their best

Freedom is the best possible way to increase employee satisfaction and productivity, including freedom in how, where and when they do their work. Centric’s Hybrid Workspace is a modern digital workspace solution that gives your employees this freedom. Hybrid Workspace gives them secure online access to their data whenever, wherever and on whichever device they choose. With this freedom and empowerment, your employees can get the best out of themselves.

With Hybrid Workspace, users have access to a self service portal where they can set up their own workspace and report any issues. A web-based, personal workspace portal presents employees with the information they need to do their job. The portal includes, for example, personalised news items, a complete DMS, and access to team sites where they can share information with colleagues and external partners.

And for content creation, communication, and digital collaboration there is Microsoft Office 365. Your business applications are made available using the latest distribution and publication technologies. Whether it's SaaS applications or apps for mobile devices, Hybrid Workspace always offers your employees the applications they need.

Why opt for Hybrid Workspace?

A flexible cloud

Hybrid Workspace is based on a hybrid cloud, where your on-premises data centre is combined with Centric’s private cloud and Microsoft’s public cloud platforms.

Your data is secure

Cloud solutions demand the latest security safeguards, which is why, in addition to high flexibility, Hybrid Workspace provides excellent security. And you stay in control of your data storage.

Single sign-on

Employees often have multiple usernames and passwords for different applications; with Hybrid Workspace they only need to log in once to access all their applications.

Sourcing scenarios

We take care of the solution; you pay according to use. What’s more, our Service Desk in the Netherlands offers 24/7 multilingual user support.


The rollout of Hybrid Workspace is automated; we ensure that the phasing in your organisation is suited to your situation. And to ensure optimal adoption, we guide your employees during the transition.

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